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When you never really felt right...


Here’s a look at my personal life and what has brought me to this journey. 

As a kid I never really experienced anything too bad health wise but there were some issues. I would break out in hives – my parents told me it was because I was allergic to citrus fruit. I never had orange juice growing up and now as an adult don’t care for it. I had a double hernia when I was really young like 4 or 5 years old. Growing up in my pre-teen, teen and slightly still in adulthood I have HORRIBLE skin. I have breakouts from time to time, white heads and some blackheads. It affected my self-confidence completely through school even being made fun of by some. I never really ate horribly but was super active that anything I put in was burnt off. I would eat Oreos and other sweets. Pizza was every Friday night. But we never really ate out. The only time we ate out that I remember is when we would go on vacations. 

Fast forward now to realizing I never really felt good. Stomach aches, definitely a ton of gas and bloating, sharp pains and countless runs to the restroom. I finally hit the point where my health mentally and physically could not take it anymore. I needed to see a doctor. My maternal grandmother passed from colon cancer. I did not think it was cancer but I knew there were digestive issues that were getting worse and WORSE. I went to a GI doctor and saw the nurse practitioner. She was very kind and receptive to my troubles. She was an ultra-marathon runner and has similar issues to mine. She had blood work done and brought me back in to discuss it and options. The blood work revealed nothing. No Celiac, nothing abnormal that she would want to do a colonoscopy or an endoscopy, nothing out of place. I was normal by my blood, let me tell you my digestive track disagrees. She concluded at that point it was IBS. We talked more and she decided to NOT put me on medication since I’m so young, instead she told me to try Whole 30. I had never heard of Whole 30 so she explained the basics about it that it is an elimination diet and you only eat certain whole foods for 30 days. She expressed how strict I needed to be to be able to find out what is affecting me. I did it PERFECTLY. 

By Day 15 my Apple Watch band went down 2 sizes. I weighed myself but I did not lose any weight. It was all inflammation. I continued on and by the end of it I found out that I don’t do well with dairy or sugars. I stuck to pretty much the same eating structure but added some items back here and there especially when at events with Darren or out to eat. Most of the time my lack of caution and grilling the service at these places I ended up in the bathroom and even worse in a fetal position not knowing why this is happening to me because I was so bloated and hurt so bad. 

I need to dig deeper… so this is my journey because I don’t want to… and refuse live like this. I went to an out patient office of a doctor I know and trust, the IV Lounge USA. There I had four vials of blood drawn for an MRT LEAP food sensitivity test. The results came back and they were EYE OPENING. 

I have severe sensitivities to corn and basil. But several other foods or chemicals hit pretty high like CHICKEN! REALLY???? CHICKEN???? And basically, all animal proteins which were a staple in my daily diet as I am not a vegetarian/vegan. I am working with a BRILLIANT Registered Dietitian Courtney Cayman. She has pulled out most items from my diet that give me any sensitivity and we will work for 30 days in phases of 10 days adding items back in that are no super sensitive. 

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